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ePayPolicy Payment Systems

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MIIAB has partnered with ePayPolicy to provide the simplest way for agencies to collect insurance payments online. ePayPolicy was born out of the same need for convenience that brought about online banking. This simple service is being used by agencies and brokers across the country to collect ACH and credit card payments online in a single payment page. As one independent agent said, “It’s just plain easy to use."

ePayPolicy provides the simplest way for agencies to collect insurance payments online.​

Be sure to use promo code miiabmember when signing up (step 5).

Program Benefits
  • Bind accounts faster while offering customers a chance to earn points on their credit card
  • No merchant account needed and the funds are deposited to the account of your choice. 
  • Mobile compatible.  Your customers can remit payments online from their smartphone or tablet
  • Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and ACH are accepted.
  • Receive automatic e-receipts.  You and your client will each receive an e-receipt after each payment is made
  • Online dashboard to view all transactions.  Activity can be tracked and reconciled online at any time
  • Transaction fees can be passed along to the payer and it’s auto-populated on the payment page
How the program works
  • As a member of MIIAB you can begin using ePayPolicy immediately
  • Agencies enroll/contract for the program online at the ePayPolicy website
  • For additional information, contact  Jamie Rodgers at 844.372.9300​

Program Features
  • Your company-branded, custom payment page is the fastest way to receive payments.  Email your payment page to customers, include it in your newsletters or attach it to your email signatures.
  • Simple fee structure with zero hidden fees
    1. 3.25% on credit card charges
    2. $3 on ACH
    3. $15 on chargebacks
  • No long term contract or technical expertise
  • $20 per month
  • ePayPolicy is PCI Level 1 compliant

Contact ePayPolicy 
For more information or to enroll in the program go to or contact Jamie Rodgers at 844.372.9300